Whether you are looking for a unique experience of fresh healthy and Tropical items every day made from scratch, Rico Tropical Grill is the perfect destination for an excellent and complete healthy lunch with tasty Latin flavors. The restaurant you were waiting for is here. Be ready for a Tropical experience in Kennesaw. We are more than excited to please you with a Rico flavor.

Cesar Correa
745 Chastain RD NW Suite 2020
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Rico Restaurant


  •   I stopped eating here about a year ago because the food was sickening to me. Today, all I wanted were some tostones because of a craving. Well I got them and they were so hard I could not even bite them smh had to throw them and my money in the trash. Won’t be back.

    thumb Sydne D.

      Great vibe, great food. A little pricey but it was fresh, fast and very good! They have lots of options to choose from. Everything we had was flavorful and fresh. Will be adding this to my usual places to eat.

    thumb C F.

      First time I tried this place. I was in love .. the flavor ., is amazing. Had to get me some yucca fries and plantains to make my meal complete. Do not hesitate you have to try the spot it is so so so so good

    thumb Alisia F.
  •   I ordered the Cuban sandwich and plantains. The sandwich was decent. I came from the Tampa market for I’m afraid I’ve had the real deal there so it’s hard to impress me.

    But the plantains!! My God they are sublime. Do yourself a favor and save some for the next day and heat them in a skillet with a tiny pat of butter.  You’ll need a cigarette afterward…

    thumb Heather C.

      Food was fresh and really really tasty. I had the grilled chicken tacos (flour tortillas – which were very good) with lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream on the side, black beans and yellow rice and chipotle sauce. It was a lot of food so I only ate half but it was excellent and would definitely get again. Husband had a grilled chicken bowl with corn, yellow rice and black beans. Again a lot more food than expected which is amazing nowadays and he really liked it as well. Service was nice and quick and even got both of our orders correct. Ambiance was quiet even though it was decently busy. If you haven’t tried this place, it’s a must if you want a healthier option for lunch or dinner and really fresh and hot food.

    thumb Carrie B.

      I got food poisoning from the spoiled egg in the Latin bowl then the server messed up my order

    thumb Whitney H.
  •   Reminiscing of my Florida days, and hoping this spot would have a good bowl (similar to Pollo Tropical) I dropped by.  Firstly I will say NOT to compare the two. Rico’s far surpasses any preconceived notions I had, with their offerings.  Secondly, the flavors of the elements don’t fight one another for center stage / very nicely balanced.  Third, the service is quick and very friendly.  
     Did I go for a bowl? YES … Was it good? Oh YES! The bowl had huge chunks of real chicken, fresh veggies and rice, and it came with my choice of sauce – the cilantro garlic is SO GOOD!  And while dining, I enjoyed a nice mix of Latin music, in a well-maintained dining area.  Lastly, pricing is Budget-friendly, esp. considering the portions . I’m definitely planning to return and try their other offerings!


    thumb DeeDee H.

      Tried their toston is wasn’t the best, the plaintain was too hard and the chicken wasn’t cooked long enough it was cold, then warm the second time. I didn’t favor it. Maybe anything else on the menu would’ve been better.

    thumb Foodie R.

      The food was delicious. Excellent service, clean restaurant with the kitchen area visible from where you order & sit. I will absolutely go back next time I’m in that area.

    thumb Christine P.
  •   My order was online take out and I had the 12 hour pork. It was good a little too mushy in texture, but the flavor was on point the yellow rice the plantains the beans everything was very well seasoned.
    I ordered a beef empanada. It was OK. It was too Mili on the inside and over stuffed with too much empanada filling. I don’t think I would order it again. One of the highlights that I really loved is the mango sauce. I’m not sure how they made it but I definitely need to figure out how to make it at home because it is absolutely delicious and goes very well with the pork.

    thumb Godiva M.

      Was staying in a hotel across the street and browsing app looking for 5-star eateries nearby. Saw this place have a 5-star rating, and saw that it was closing in 15 minutes. Didn’t have time to read any reviews. I called in an order for 2 meals of 3 tacos and picked up. I ordered a meal with 2 pork and 1 chicken, the other 1 chicken and 2 shrimp.  Meals came with yellow rice and black beans.

    Now for the review.  I am ashamed that the locals in the area rates this place a 5 and that they think this facility has food worth 5 stars.  Either the votes are fake, purchased, or kennesaw lacks a palate, cause this place is a 3/5, at best.

    The yellow rice was the the better offering from all items. Taste was mild, rice was slightly undercooked. 3/5.

    Black beans were such a let down. Flavorless and soupy.  If i rates the restaurant on just the beans, it would have been a 1/5.

    The tacos were small, but at least they were filled adequately. No flavor. You had to use the sauces provided, otherwise tasteless. The topics you can choose is really pathetic. 4 choices max out of a dozen or so. Why not just make a tasty taco and put ingredients into it that should be in it? Such a let down. 2.5/5.

    I seriously want all the locals to try good tacos before trying this avoidable restaurant. Such a letdown with a fake rating.  At the very least, rate it for what it deserves, which is 2.5/5, but I’ll round up to a 3.

    For anyone who wants true authentic flavor, avoid this place or smother your taco and beans with additional sauces.  Not worth the price or sacrifice to my palate.

    thumb Peter T.

      Really enjoyed the food at this place. It was reasonably priced and portions were filling. The inside is clean and quick service. I ordered their chips and salsa, build your own bowl with rice, black beans and ropa vieja. Added lettuce and pico. That plate was simply delicious. The portion of that bowl was large. The portion of ropa vieja alone was large was enough for 2 meals. I enjoyed every bite. I highly recommend this restaurant. It’s quick, friendly service with delicious food.

    thumb Briana L.
  •   A Surprising Gem  – I tried Rico’s for the first time today and absolutely loved it. Customer service was genuinely awesome. I tried the Cuban Bowl on recommendation and it was delicious- perfectly cooked, seasoned, and enough for two.  I will be back soon!

    thumb Katie N.

      We recently discovered this place via Uber Eats, and we love it! The food is delicious. We’ve gotten bowls and my personal favorite: their Cuban sandwich + sweet plantains on the side. SO good!

    thumb Mannie H.

      Rico’s is awesome.  There’s a good reason it has 5 star reviews.  The food is top quality and served in a quick-service setting.  The options range from arepas (a Colombian thick corn tortilla with cheese) to bowls/plates with different meats or proteins.  My favorite is their steak plate that includes an egg, avocado, plantains, and rice & beans.  It’s so delicious.  My son even ordered salmon, which isn’t really what you think when going to a Latin American restaurant, and it was great too.  Lots of variety because it includes many different Latin American foods.  

    I have been here twice when passing through Atlanta.  It’s easy to reach from the interstate and located in a small, new strip of commercial buildings near Kennesaw.  This whole area is really a nice stop.  
    Rico’s is a nice building and has clean, comfortable seating.  

    Overall:  Highly recommended!!  I always think of Rico if we want to eat while driving through this area.  Great option.

    thumb Justin H.
  •   Everything I eat here is good. Keep going back for the Cuban sandwich though! It’s great all the way around.

    thumb Joshua B.

      I made my own burrito and it turned out delicious!
    Since my order was to go I would say the service was okay.
    It was a sunny day and there was outside tables if you need to eat there.

    thumb Tia S.

      We always love eating at Rico’s the last few years– they’re a great option for families:

    Affordable, many options for all different tastes and cravings, heathy options, kids meals, gluten free options w the rice bowls salads and arepas etc, fast, easy, casual atmosphere for kids inside.

    You can make your own rice and bean bowl, with two different types of rice and two different types of beans to choose from, many different protein options, and a bunch of different toppings to make it very flavorful, as well as many sauces that you can choose two from for your bowls etc.

    The cilantro crema type sauce is the best!! It makes the bowl or any meal!

    You can make your own salad bowls also, tacos, many great sandwiches– the Cuban, and grilled chicken one are two favs. My picky son likes the Cuban sandwich if we hold the pickles and mustard. Lol

    They also have Arepas– Venezuelan cornmeal pita pocket type things. Studded with all the goodness. Very good.

    Their tostones (smashed and fried plantains) are great w the cilantro sauce. The Maduros (sweet green plantains) are also good. My boyfriend loves the yuca fries. The side mixed rice and beans are good.

    Their tropical fresh juices, and their flan and other desserts are good for a treat!

    Staff is friendly, helpful, bilingual.

    Special items on weekends like Sancocho stew, Ajaco, buñuelos (little fried cheese ball things)

    The only things that I wish were different:

    1) is that they had some healthier vegetable options on the side menu, like side salad, or steamed vegetables, or something of that nature– to go on the side of a sandwich etc.

    2) As well as, I really really wish they would bring back the grilled mahi fish option for protein. It was my favorite with the bowls. But I understand that food options have gotten very expensive and hard since Covid. A bummer though.

    thumb Lauren S.
  •   To start we had chips and queso. The quest was hot and thick. Very good.
    I had chicken tacos with mango pico, guacamole, and mozzarella cheese. I got the Rico Hot Arbol sauce to put over my tacos and OH MY it was HOT. Before pouring over my tacos, I dipped my finger to try and my mouth was on fireeeeeeee. Filled with spices I was a fan but if you’re to try it please be aware. I also had a mango agua fresca which was delicious. It was fresh and tasted just like mangoes! I was a huge fan, all of the food was cooked to order so it came out hot and fresh and it was delicious. Chicken was flavorful and juicy really bringing the taco together. I wish that there were more closer to the city because I don’t think we’ll be in Kennesaw too often but if we are I’d love to return. Great food. 10/10.

    thumb Destiny L.

      Good food , wierd hours !!! It’ll be like 7 o’clock oh we’re closed . Kinda gotten pretty expensive so it’s a nice place to go every blue moon . The plantains are yummy . Just wish they had normal hours and didn’t close early and wish portions were a little bigger lol

    thumb Ethan S.