Whether you are looking for a unique experience of fresh healthy and Tropical items every day made from scratch, Rico Tropical Grill is the perfect destination for an excellent and complete healthy lunch with tasty Latin flavors. The restaurant you were waiting for is here. Be ready for a Tropical experience in Kennesaw. We are more than excited to please you with a Rico flavor.

Cesar Correa
745 Chastain RD NW Suite 2020
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Rico Restaurant


  •   Delicious! I made my own bowl.. love all the options, good price as well! There steak is delicious! Cooked just right.

    thumb Carol L.

      I tried their tostone with ropa vieja and i wasn't expecting it to be so big! Lol i finished it and was expecting to feel super full but I actually felt good, not too heavy. My picky husband got the paisa bowl and he really liked it too.

    thumb Melissa H.

      I love this place so much. It's my fav Uber Eats pick although my order has been wrong a few times I still order again and again that's how much I like it.

    thumb Melissa G.
  •   Absolutely amazing food. Like literally I would have expected this to be like an expensive and fancy type place with quality of food they serve.
    The paisa bowl is like stoooopid good!

    thumb Anna Y.

      I had been wanting to try this restaurant for a while now. It was everything I thought it would be. The food was delicious and the staff were very attentive and sweet! Try the paisa bowl!

    thumb Kristina M.

      Like a Chipotle, but much better food. The food is fresh and cooked to order, and it shows in the taste. In addition, Rico has very reasonable prices and friendly employees. I left wishing I lived closer so I could visit more often!

    thumb Kristen D.
  •   Great place for excellent and fresh food, my go to bowl is the Paisa bowl, large portions for a very good price.

    thumb Justin Z.

      Top notch customer service and the food is delicious!! Everything is always so fresh and full of flavor.

    thumb Yamonei T.

      I like the idea, and the aesthetic a lot. I was working in the Kennesaw area, and decided to try something new (as I often do) and ran across Rico.

    When describing Rico Tropical Grill… think Cuban Chipotle. They had a variety of options, which really impressed me. They follow the chipotle mold, and you can get a variety of Bowls, Street FLOUR tacos, and burritos. Everything looked good but I decided to follow my chipotle mold and build a bowl.

    I decided on Chicken, yellow rice, red beans, mango pico de gallo, sour cream, mozzarella, and roasted corn but there were several other options I would have liked to try ( you can only pick 4). I also ordered Plantains to eat in addition to my meal

    Overall, ehh. I loved the idea, and it was decent, however albeit they delivered in variety and quality, they lacked severely in seasoning. I don't even think they sprinkled salt and pepper on my chicken lol. Much less marinated or anything of that sort. This would be my number one suggestion to them. To either marinate or season better. My chicken was soooo bland. Rice too. Nevertheless I enjoyed my meal because I never ate Cuban food served this way.

    To finish it off you're able to get a couple sauces to complete your meal. I opted for the Cilantro, Mango, and Chipotle. I enjoyed the chipotle with my meal, but the others didn't really compliment my bowl as much. I wouldn't get the mango again. The Cilantro was a good sauce but I used it to dip food from another dish I got from somewhere else. The chipotle complimented my meal the best, I'd definitely get it next time and I'll probably try to Rico's spicy sauce.

    The plantains were amazing. No complaint there at all. They were a little wetter and more moist then plantains you'll typically get but I enjoyed them nevertheless. My meal was only $10 altogether so that was a plus as well.

    Overall I'd give Rico a 3/5. However I'd definitely recommend and I'd just tell anyone who I did to tell them to season their particular dish or meat well. Average at best, however this is one of the rare 3/5's that I'd revisit.

    thumb Jordan J.
  •   Awesome food!  We had the Cuban Bowl, Paisa Bowl, Cubam sandwich, Tostones and Guac and Chips and Guac.  All were stellar!

    thumb Adriana G.