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Whether you are looking for a unique experience of fresh healthy and Tropical items every day made from scratch, Rico Tropical Grill is the perfect destination for an excellent and complete healthy lunch with tasty Latin flavors. The restaurant you were waiting for is here. Be ready for a Tropical experience in Kennesaw. We are more than excited to please you with a Rico flavor.

Cesar Correa
745 Chastain RD NW Suite 2020
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Rico Restaurant


  •   This place is delicious! We are always looking for good Spanish food and this is it! The food is fresh and tastes homemade. I got the chicken arepa and it was delicious! My husband got the bowl with rice beans and beef tenderloin and it was so fresh tasting and had such great flavor. The staff was very friendly and the restaurant is really clean and well kept. Would definitely recommend this place!

    thumb Christen G.

      Our first time here but certainly not the last. My wife and i had the best Cuban sandwich we have ever had including the ones in little Havana in Miami. Service was great and the food even better. Great value also. The sandwich was full of meet and bread was excellent. Highly recommend this restaurant.

    thumb Kam K.

      We've been here a few times and overall it's pretty good food. The Cuban sandwiches are a favorite as well as the yuca fries. I've had the salad bowl with grilled beef and toppings. The portions are big and the service is efficient.

    thumb Marie L.
  •   Excellent food, excellent service, great music a good atmosphere. I had the burrito bowl with grill chicken and can I say it was delicious!!   Add the RICO! Spicy sauce topped it off just right to me!!

    thumb Rick R.

      Awesome!   Our second visit.  We will be back again.  Very unique mix of ingredients making a personalized lunch.  Great roasted corn and black beans with quality chicken for a reasonable price.  Mango sauce and salsa available! Staff was very vested in making it a good experience.

    thumb Ron B.

      We LOVE this place because if is delicious every single time we come! Everyone is SO nice! Brittany always remembers us and talks to our girls! The food is fresh, hot, comes out quickly and the restaurant is clean and has a great ambience. Our girls love the rice bowl and my husband and I are working our way through trying all of the Arepas! The grilled chicken I love and I always add grilled corn. The Ropa Vieja is amazing! The beef is SO tender and add some guacamole and it's perfect! The Reina Pepiada is delicious too if you like a cold Arepa. They have gluten free options and are great with accommodating other food allergies or dietary restrictions. This is definitely on our list of favorite local places!

    thumb Michelle G.
  •   This place is AMAZING! I had the ropa vieja arepas which is like a corn pancake stuffed with shredded pork. There are sauces to put on it but honestly the pork was so succulent I didn't need it. My ex is from El Salvador and I haven't had a hand made from scratch tortilla since my last trip there. This place is AUTHENTIC! Even the passion fruit tea tastes fresh squeezed. The manager/owner is friendly and accommodating. Don't leave without trying the tiramisu. This is a must try if you are anywhere near Kennesaw.

    thumb Lisa B.

    I walked in and immediately knew I was in the right place. The menu has such a great variety and I like to eat clean so it's a great place with unique options like tostones, plantains, arepas, sandwiches and bowls. I wasn't too sure the difference between the arepas and tostones and the guy and the counter was EVERYTHING! He actually pulled both out. Explained the difference and let me know they're handmade each day  YASSSS. I went with the tostone. A sweet woman actually took me on another register to keep things moving and she suggested the black beans and rice which I added and my plate looks delicious

    thumb Maranda W.

      This is probably my favorite restaurant around, great Latin food, awesome atmosphere, I highly recommend the “picada” and the “tostones”

    thumb Adrian A.
  •   Delicious food. The person who took our order was very helpful and gave me advice on how to top my tacos. He then helped us choose the best sauces to add to our food. Clean place with shared parking. Food came out pretty quickly and meal wasn't too pricey (less than $10 for fish tacos). Definitely coming back again!

    thumb Fatima B.

      This is my new favorite restaurant! The food is fresh and tastes great. Make sure you try their different sauces (on some tables or at the counter). The menu is small, but you can also make your own tacos, wraps, bowls, arepas, salads, etc with several choices of meats and toppings. The staff is always friendly and you get your order quickly. It's always very clean. My only complaint is I'm not a fan of the cold, metal chairs.

    thumb Mike N.

      Step up from Pollo tropical for sure. Lots of sauce options and good friendly staff. Decent selection and really good well flavored healthy food options.

    thumb Mae R.
  •   This is a great choice for a delicious quick lunch. The restaurant is new and very clean.  The menu has lots of options from tacos, bowls, and wraps to arepas, sandwiches and tostones.

    I had the Cuban sandwich with an order of yucca fries. The sandwich was full of flavor and the pork was very well cooked. The sandwich was huge and well worth the money.  The yucca fries were really good but I was disappointed that an order meant only 2 fries.  They have a good variety of dipping sauces.  The cilantro garlic was by far my favorite!
    If in the area, definitely give this place a try.  You won't regret it.

    thumb Marilyn B.

      Delicious ropa Vieja sandwich and yucca fries! Also, two yucca fries were complementary with my sandwich. The sandwich is very large and half will be saved for my dinner. Staff is VERY friendly and helpful. Fresh, good food! Will be returning.

    thumb Katie W.

      Fast casual has taken over the restaurant industry. Everyone wants to be the next Chipotle, without the food poisoning. This place is after a Caribbean/South American vibe in its menu, but the surroundings are pure Chipotle in the bright lights, cement floor and counter ordering. Of course that's not a bad thing when the food is good and prices are reasonable. This place delivers on those.

    We split an arepa and a ropa vieja bowl. They let us load up the bowl with corn, sour cream, red onion, lettuce, mango pico, cucumbers, yellow rice and black beans – more than enough for us to share and feel full. Mango agua fresca needs to be part of your life.

    The gentleman at the register, apparently the manager, could not have been more helpful and friendly as we newbies navigated our order. Because this location is hidden from view on Chastain, I'm afraid lots of people go past not even aware of it. Seek it out for lunch some day soon.

    thumb Mark A.
  •   Decided to try something new for dinner and couldn't be happier. I for sure will be a repeat customer!

    The food was hot, fresh, and fresh. The staff was amazing. Very friendly and willing to answer any and all questions regarding the menu. I even let them decide how to prepare my meal (puerca asada). It was a home run for sure and if you aren't sure what you want or how you want it, ask for suggestions!

    thumb Jimmy A.

      This is a great quick lunch spot! It's almost like a Chipotle with a Cuban twist. You can choose a few options like a salad bowl or rice bowl and choose your proteins and toppings and sauce. Or you can order from the regular menu, which has options like sandwiches and chicken dishes and fried plantains.

    I had the salad bowl with grilled chicken – pretty basic, but I dressed it up with mango salsa and roasted corn. My boyfriend got the rice bowl with pulled pork, and he was the winner of the taste contest for sure. We also tried the agua fresca in mango, which is a less sweet (or watered down version if you will) version of mango juice. It tasted more like cantaloupe to me, but regardless, it was the perfect not-to-sweet drink.

    Everyone was so nice to us, and a manager even stopped to check if we enjoyed our food. If you have leftovers, you can bring their sauces home in little containers. And I must say, every one we tried was great. I'm going use some leftover cilantro garlic sauce on fish I think! I would definitely recommend this place.

    thumb Danielle S.

      Awesome food and Awesome service! I ordered the Tostones- Roja Vieja and it was super good! The tostones were perfectly cooked! They weren't too hard or too soft, but just right! The Roja Vieja was seasoned just right and very good. They also have these sauces that you can choose from to add to your food. I sampled all four: chipotle, cilantro garlic, mango, and ranch. ALL of them were really good and gave my meal an extra boost of flavor and goodness! The chipotle sauce is my number one favorite, followed by the cilantro garlic. I suggest giving this restaurant a try. My meal was only $7.41, which makes them more than affordable and I couldn't even eat all my food. I will definitely return to try other items on the menu!

    thumb Suphonda B.
  •   Love this new place!!! So many delicious menu options made it difficult to decide what I wanted. I asked the friendly gentleman who took our order (whom I believe was the owner) what he recommended and he suggested the tostone with ropa vieja. They have a variety of toppings you can add, as well. I went with the mango pico. We also ordered the yuca fries. Everything was absolutely delicious!!! My only suggestion is that the tostone be prepared a little fluffier so that it can be easier to cut and give it more flavor (you could not really taste the tostone much because it was so hard and thin). Great vibe, extremely clean, and friendly staff! I look forward to coming back and trying different things off of their menu.

    thumb Mari D.

      This place is delicious! I noticed it on the hot & new part of yelp so I decided to give it a go. To begin, the owner is extremely nice. He made sure everything was okay throughout our meal. The staff is also very kind. The restaurant itself is clean and modern.

    My order was a puerco asado bowl with yellow rice and black beans. With the bowls you have the option to chose your rice, beans, protein, and toppings. I got mine with the mango pico, feta, and corn. At the cash register there are a ton of sauces, so I added the cilantro jalapeño lime sauce. The bowl as a whole was very fresh! There was so much  food I was able to take it home and have it again!

    My dad got the puerco asado arepa and added guacamole. He gave me a bite of it, and it was amazing! The meat was so juicy and the arepa had a great crisp to it. He also got a side of black beans. Those were good, and the serving was huge.

    Would definitely go back. The price of our whole meal was $16 and we got a lot of food. I recommend to anyone who wants a quick and yummy meal!

    thumb Victoria E.

      Was craving a Cuban sandwich and visited Rico's today for a lunch. First off, I can't say enough about how welcoming and friendly the staff there was. Plus, they are a bit less expensive than Papi's (located in the same shopping center).

    Sandwiches are huge! I hadn't had carbs in days and my body was loving that bread. My husband got the Ropa Vieja and it was delicious. My Cuban was tasty too, I just wish it was a pork loin piece instead of shredded pork on the sandwich. Next time, I'm definitely going to try the Arepas.

    thumb Malika B.
  •   It's an okay place but – when you order the yucca fries as a side, they give you two pieces. Maybe they were low on supplies but I felt sad for my husband and father in law when I had to explain that was what they were getting.

    thumb Christine J.

      Great food, great price, excellent service.
    Had the Cuban sandwich and Yuca fries.ni was very surprised by how much flavor the pork was packing! Will definitely visit again.

    thumb Job R.



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